Welcome to the Ninja Loop – the best Thursday morning run in the Bay Area.

Where – Headlands Parking – Golden Gate Bridge North parking lot

When – 6AM – every Thursday

Why – enjoy the beauty of the Headlands and earn “loops” towards prizes.

Each completion of a Ninja Loop counts towards some cool rewards.  All rewards can be redeemed (upon proof of completion of the loop) at the SFRC Mill Valley shop.

  • 1 Run – Ninja Loop Official Sticker
  • 5 Runs – Nike Trail Hat
  • 10 Runs – Ninja Loop Sweatshirt from Nike
  • Most 2023 Runs – special prize at the SFRC Xmas Party

Proof of completion is valid from your Strava posts or any other public source that displays your run on a Thursday morning.  Runs on the loop that don’t start near 6am on a Thursday do not count.