Established in 2013, San Francisco Running Company has aimed to serve as a hub for local runners in the Bay Area. While ostensibly a retail store, SFRC’s priority has always been to support our community and help individuals explore on two feet. Since the inception of our Saturday morning group runs, which have become ritual for many, we’ve felt momentum building towards something else, something more focused. 


With year round access to nearly 400 miles of connected trail, a following passionate about the sport, and a sense of separation left in the wake of COVID-19, launching a team is our attempt to close that distance. The San Francisco Running Company Team is to exist in principle to strengthen the local running community through a variety of influences, both material and virtual. As a collective, we will work to promote more diversity and inclusion within the sport by using the existing SFRC platform to showcase the ethos of running in the Bay Area to an international audience. 


$50 – Join Now!


All Running Team members will benefit from a variety of resources, either directly through the shop or through official team sponsors. These include:

  • SFRC Products

    • SFRC Running Team buff 

    • 10% off shoes at SFRC, limit 4 pair/year

    • Membership card 

    • Future Team sponsorship perks 

  • Community Discounts

    • Anti-Diet Athlete Coaching w/ Intuitive Eating Counselor and Personal Trainer, Gabi Maudiere 

      • Discounted 1-1 counseling sessions ($70) + monthly coaching ($120) for team members

    • Mt Tam Sport & Spine: 10% off evaluations/visits 

    • Gelvio nutrition & hydration:
    • Equator Coffees: 

      • Equator Cafes:

        • Link: Equator Mobile App

        • Details: Enjoy 10% off any in-cafe order. Download the Equator Coffees Mobile App with your SFRC running team email and get a standing 10% reward to use each time you visit Equator. Or go old-school and show your SFRC Running Team card to the Barista at the register checkout.

      • Digital:

        • Link:

        • Details: Enjoy 15% off coffee purchases. Valid only for coffee products.

      • Online

        • Link: Equator Subscriptions

        • Details: Enjoy 30% off the first order for any new Equator Subscription + lifetime free shipping, cancel or change your subscription anytime at no additional cost. Valid only for auto-renew Equator Subscription coffees.

  1. Socials

    • Access to SFRC Running Team’s private Strava club 

    • Receive an exclusive monthly “happenings” newsletter

  2. Exclusive access to SFRC team events

    • Group runs (when safe)

    • Happy hours (when safe)

    • Virtual webinars