Founded in 2013 in the City by the Bay, San Francisco Running Company is not just a hub for athletic gear–it’s a community in motion. Built on the footsteps of dedicated runners, this haven goes above selling shoes; it’s a belief in the transformative power of a good run and movement. 


Our story is etched into the trails and streets we tread, and our principles are the guiding force of the local Bay Area running scene. Whether you’re a seasoned ultrarunner or a casual jogger, SFRC is your home base to find your perfect fit. Since its beginning, the founders had a vision beyond a rack of shoes–they wanted to build a community where the heartbeat of every run resonates through shared passion. 


The original shop, nestled just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Mill Valley, California, became more than a retail space; it’s a meeting point for our people, the runners. Inside, the walls echo with stories of personal bests, huge accomplishments, and triumphs. The knowledgeable staff isn’t just there to sell running gear; they’re fellow enthusiasts ready to swap tales and advice. From the very beginning, we aimed to be a part of the runner’s journey, providing expertise, camaraderie, and a home base for the running community.


But, it doesn’t stop from within those walls. SFRC breathes life onto the trails and streets with regular group runs, events, and partnerships that help foster connections and friendships that extend beyond the storefronts. Running is a solitary pursuit, but it’s the sense of community that fuels our passion. 


With a namesake for a city known for its hills, SFRC is the steady incline, pushing you to conquer your own personal summits. So, whether you’re pounding pavement, tackling trails, or just getting started, we are a destination for runners seeking not just products, but an experience. We’re here running with you. 

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