San Francisco Running Company @ The Running Event

Freetrail Podcast "Good Morning, Austin" ft Ted Knudsen

This interview is part of Good Morning, Austin (Live from TRE). We’re extending our morning show to The Running Event in Austin, Texas, hosted by Dylan Bowman. Every day, Dylan talks to industry leaders about brand and product innovation shaping the trail running landscape.

Ted Knudsen is the owner of San Francisco Running Company, purchasing the business from Brett & Larissa Rivers in 2019. He talks about how he came to own a running shop, the challenges of owning a retail business during the pandemic, and his involvement with running software. This is his third year at TRE, and he tells us why it’s one of the most important weeks of the year for specialty run retail. Catch him Thursday at 10am on the Strava panel talking about Strava groups and how he’s built a group around their Saturday runs with over 10,000 members.

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