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We are excited to have you join the team. Here’s some important information to get you started:

Eligibility: PAUSATF Cross Country is open to all athletes of all ages and skill levels. There are different age division from youth to masters. As a new member, you’ll need to register with PAUSATF and obtain a membership to participate in races. SFRC membership number is 38-8450, “SFRC Running Team”. As part of the team, we are all required to wear the same singlet to each race. Race singlets can be purchased at the Mill Valley store.

Season Dates: Cross Country runs from late August to November. But the running continues with the 2024 MUT and Road Race Series throughout the year. 

Race Sign Up Info: During the XC season, an email will be sent to all team members with detailed information, including race location, distance, signup link, and more. Additionally, we will utilize a Google form to coordinate communication with members regarding race participation.

Season Perks: Joining the team offers a supportive and motivating environment. You’ll have the opportunity to bond with fellow teammates, learn from experienced runners, and compete. In addition, SFRC has agreed to award $5/race/SFRC team member for every PAUSATF Cross Country race that is completed. We appreciate your time and commitment and we want to thank you for being part of the team.

We look forward to an exciting season ahead. If you have any questions or need additional information, don’t hesitate to reach out to SFRC. 

Santa Rosa Race
August 26, 2023
Men's Open Champion
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