Body Image Support Group for Runners with Gabi Lieber

About the Group:

Cultivating body image resilience is a necessary and challenging pursuit when it comes to navigating a sport that is heavily steeped in body ideals. 1 in 5 adults report feeling uncomfortable in their bodies as a result of poor body image, with rates increasing significantly as a result of body manipulation related to sport. This group is meant to be a safe space to share about lived experiences with poor body image as it relates to our identity as a runner, and ways in which we can come together to create new body image ideals. This group is completely FREE and will meet weekly on Mondays at 12:00 (PST) for 45 minutes. Our first group session will be on December 5th.

How to SIGN UP

  • Participants can register by signing up HERE or else emailing me directly.  
  • ZOOM link (which I will send out to participants)
  • You can also find me on IG and shoot me a DM with interest and questions

About Me:

My name is Gabi Lieber, and I run Encompass Athletics, a 1-1 coaching platform aimed at dismantling diet culture in athletics. I also work in the field of eating disorders, facilitating group therapy at an outpatient clinic in San Rafael. In addition to my work I am currently pursuing my Master’s in counseling to become a licensed psychotherapist to continue combating eating disorders in sport.

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