Get to Know SFRC Trail club Member Paulius Dragunas

“I’m glad SFRC exists. It brings me tons of joy.”

Hometown: Mill Valley, CA

Occupation: In tech

Favorite food after a run: Burritoooooo

What are the top 5 songs on your playlist: Another by Above & Beyond, Flowers by Miley, Some 70s stuff, & a little bit of country from time to time

Favorite movie: Is Ted Lasso a movie? If not, Shawshank

Hobbies besides running: Photography, gardening, being outside

Favorite vacation spot: Patagonia (only been once), Hawaii (more frequently)

If you had a warning label, what would yours say: Has a hard time not dialing it up to 11

What is your favorite way to unwind: Running & sauna

Favorite quote: “A body in motion stays in motion”

Causes you are passionate about: Climate change, sustainability, access to recreation

Favorite running trail: The Rodeo Valley trail loop

Favorite race: TRTER 50

What advice would you give to a new runner: Run slow, bring joy to the experience

Races on your bucket list: Western States 100

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