Get to Know SFRC Team Member Jessi Goldstein

Hometown: I’ve been in the Bay Area for over 20 years (currently in Mill Valley) but will always be a Jersey girl at heart.

Occupation: Director of Finance at an influencer marketing agency. I’ve worked in accounting for a long time, and am so happy to be at a company that really prioritizes work-life balance – so I have plenty of time to run!

What is your favorite food/dish after a run:  My favorite thing to do after a run is to meet friends for waffles and lattes at Equator Coffee (that’s actually my motivation to get out the door a lot of mornings). After a longer race I usually crave sushi or a burger and fries. Pizza works too.

What are the top 5 songs on your playlist:  My go-to playlist is a 4+ hour mix of random songs I loved in the 80s (and since I am from NJ there are definitely some hair bands on there).

Favorite movies:  I actually don’t watch that many movies, but if I do it needs to make me laugh.

Any hobbies besides running:  Spending time with friends, and because I’m an introvert also spending time alone. Going to the gym, hot yoga and reading.

What is your favorite vacation spot: Anywhere that’s close to the trails – ideally somewhere I haven’t been before.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say:  Friends would say to make sure I am always carrying sunscreen and snacks (no-one wants to be around Low Blood Sugar Jessi).

What’s your favorite way to unwind:  There’s nothing I love more than a post-run nap!

What causes are you passionate about:  Living more sustainably – after downsizing a few years ago I realized I really don’t need too many material things, so I try to minimize how many new things I buy. Running shoes excluded of course!

What’s something we would never guess about you:  I always have dog treats in my car, but I have never had a dog – or any pet.

What is your favorite running trail: Any trail I can catch a sunrise from, and I’m partial to heading up Mt Tam by way of Temelpa.

What is your favorite race: It’s actually a race I’ve never officially run – the Quad Dipsea. I volunteer every year and I just love the vibe, feeling of community, and getting to see everyone right before the holidays. I usually run a quad on my own a few weeks before the race so I feel ok about wearing the shirt they give me. 🙂

What advice would you give to a new ultra runner:  Eat and drink before you think you need to.

Any race on your bucket list:  Western States!

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