The Yard in Tam Junction

SFRC welcomes Joe Cicero, owner of The Yard, to Tam Junction. 

As a former college football player, weightlifting had been a fundamental part of Joe Cicero’s life for over 20 years. However, he noticed that at most commercial gyms, the most crucial equipment (i.e., the barbell and rack) were often unavailable, causing him to anxiously wait for access or rush through his workouts for whoever was waiting on him. That’s why he founded The Yard, one of the best gyms in the Bay Area, where members and trainers have their own equipment and can be more efficient with their workouts than ever before.

The Yard brings the power of private fitness to everyone. Their space allows independent personal trainers and individuals to have exclusive access to fully-equipped private workout pods, whenever they need. Join them and experience the unparalleled support and resources that provided will help you reach your fitness potential.

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