Paddy’s Favorite Trail at Mt. Diablo

One of my favorite Bay Area trails is the climb up over Eagle Peak and Bald Ridge, climbing from Mitchell Canyon up to the peak of Mount Diablo (3,849ft). It’s an under-appreciated gem. Beautiful buttery single track, some rocky technical sections and a burly climb. In the spring, it’s so green. In the summer, it’s warm and miserable, but we kind of like the misery, right? If you’re feeling particularly boisterous, add on North Peak and Mount Olympia for a proper Diablo mountain round. Or if you’re looking for a lighter option, summiting Eagle Peak over to Meridian Ridge Fireroad and heading back down Back Creek Trail is a treat.  -Paddy O’Leary

Strava segment for the 7 mile climb to Diablo summit:

All-Trails 13.1 mile loop up Eagle Peak & Bald Ridge to Summit and down fire road:
Eagle Peak & Back Creek shorter 6.5 mile loop:

Photos by Ryan Scura, @rscura @doosterfilm

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